Creation of software and patent labels for the WIND sector

Business lines

Wunder Ocean is a company that develops innovative technology that has been developed in R&D during the past years to increase the efficiency in the wind energy sector at different stages like: planning, construction, H&S, and O&M. The solution Wunder Ocean offers are reducing costs and time to wind energy promotors, both onshore and offshore. Wunder Ocean has two main areas:

  • LOOP Wind: An AI software platform, based in Machine Learning which seeks to optimize the location of offshore wind platforms.
  • Innovative technology for the wind sector: Development of several products that will be a breakthrough in the wind energy sector, such as the Self-Erecting-Tower and others, which patents are pending.

Artificial Intelligence

LOOP Wind Software


Patent for the wind sector

Innovative technology

How does wind
power work?

Wind energy is a source of renewable energy, it does not pollute, it is inexhaustible and it reduces the use of fossil fuels, origin of the greenhouse emissions that cause the global warming. In addition, wind energy is an autochthonous energy, available in virtually the entire planet, which contributes to reducing energy imports and creating wealth and employment locally.

Therefore, the production of electricity by means of wind power and its use efficiently contribute to sustainable development.


"Wunderocean was awarded a certificate of Suitability for Research and Development" by ANI (Agencia Nacional de Investigacao) in March 2021 which gives fiscal incentives to investors.